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Podcasts We Recommend.

The information about your body and health needs to come from trusted sources that are honest, based on high quality peer reviewed studies and are ultimately helpful in understanding how the body works and what actionable things you can do to make real changes. These podcasts are a great resource for everyone. With certain Fitforeverx memberships you get the "member only" feeds of Huberman Lab or Attia with all the show notes and AMA's. Click here to learn more about how to become a Fitforverx member,

Where To Start

Huberman Lab is a great way to learn in depth information about how your body works. Did I say in depth information? For those that all like all the details (like me) then you will love this podcast.  Start with podcasts about sleep. 

Dr. Peter Attia

Extremely well researched and scientifically based information from a doctor whose specialty is longevity. His blunt and honest style is not for the faint of heart but if you want to learn how to reduce your overall risk of dying from the "four horsemen of death" (Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Neurological Diseases) then Attia is the guy for you. Get a notebook and have google ready to look up all the acronyms but trust me you will learn a ton.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Just love this human! She is the OG of podcasting doctors. She is warm, kind and extremely knowledgeable.  She focuses on brain health and Omega 3's since she herself has a family history of Alzheimer's.  She is a wealth of information.




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